Bin Laden cannot be displayed Where's Bin Laden?

The terrorist you are looking for is currently unavailable. The US army might be experiencing technical difficulties, or the CIA may need to adjust their informants settings.

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh Invade Pakistan button, or try again in Afghanistan.
  • If you typed the name in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly (Osama bin Mohammad bin Awdah bin Laden).
  • To check your informants settings, click the Intelligence menu, and then click Informants Options. On the Infiltrator tab, click Pay Squealers. The settings should match those provided by your intelligence agency (CIA) or your ISP (Infiltartors and Squealers Provider).
  • If the Afghan Government has enabled it, the US Army can examine Afghanistan and automatically discover evil islamic terrorists.
    If you would like to use the marines to try and discover them, click Detect Detect terrorists
  • Some places require the deployment of 128 thousand troops. Click the Help menu and then click About Afghan Troopers to determine the ability of the deployed troops.
  • If you are trying to access a secured hideout, make sure it is compatible with your assault settings. Click the Assault menu, and then click on Crush Options. On the Raid tab, scroll to the Safe Assault section and check settings for BulletProofJacket 2.0, KevlarHelmet 3.0, BewareOfMines 1.5 and Attack! 1.0.
  • Click the Back Back button to look in Guantanamo.

Cannot find Osama Bin Laden or CIA error
Al-Qaeda Explorer

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